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Personnel Files

Find out more about the FBI personnel, and those involved with the X Files.


Fox Mulder - he's got a photographic  memory, and a mission to uncover the truth.

Mulder first became interested in aliens when his sister was abducted by one. Or so he thought. The more he worked on cases of the unknown, the more it became apparent that the disappearance of his sister was closely related to his parents' involvement in a conspiracy between humans and aliens for control of the earth.

Mulder's dedication to uncovering the truth about his sister became a source of increasing alarm to his parents, especially when he came to the attention of a shadowy individual known as the Cigarette Smoking Man. Not only is the CSM an aggressive member of the conspiracy, he was also an old friend of Mulder's father, and an even closer friend of Mulder's mother.

Mulder's work on the X Files have diverted him from his promising career path at the FBI. Once a high-flyer, he's now confined to the basement.

At the end of the seventh series, Mulder was abducted by aliens. Much of the eighth series is a quest to find Mulder.


Dana Scully - she's a medical doctor and mother-to-be.

Agent Dana Scully went into the FBI after training as a doctor of medicine. She comes from a naval family, and was devoted to her father (who nickamed her 'Starbuck'). She was initially assigned to the X Files in order to spy on Mulder, but gradually drew closer to him as she realised the importance of his work.

Scully has followed Mulder through thick and thin, albeit with never wavering scepticism.

Her work with Mulder has come at great personal cost. She briefly had a pet dog Queequeg, until it was eaten by an alligator. After her abduction by the conspiracy, Scully discovered she had contracted cancer and couldn't have children. Her sister was accidentally assasinated by the conspiracy, and her relationship with her brothers is frosty.

At the end of the seventh series, Scully discovered she was pregnant. As well as spending the eighth season looking for Mulder, she's also looking after the health of her unborn child. Scully gives berth to a baby boy (William) who has some kind of supernatural powers. There is also a cult after william and for he's safety scully has to give him up for adoption

John Doggett - ex-policeman and sceptic.

John Doggett came to the X Files from a high-flying FBI career. Before joining the Bureau he worked in the New York City Police Department, and has risen quickly through the ranks. He's supposed to be running the FBI task force looking for Mulder, but soon becomes involved in the day-to-day operation of the X Files.

Like Scully, Doggett is a doctor, though his PhD is in public administration. He used to be a marine, and served in the Lebanon. Whereas Mulder's quest was for his sister, Doggett is searching for an explanation for the disappearance of his son Luke, who went missing age 8. He finds he's son's killer in Release in season 9 and he gets a sence of closure he also becomes closer to Monica later in the series.

He makes an unusual partner for Scully - rigid and cautious, he makes Scully seem like a wild conspiracy theorist. He's motivated by a deep respect for Scully, a suspicion of Mulder, and a dogged determination to solve problems, however unusual. Doggett and scully becomes Doggett and Reyes in season 9. But don't worrie Scully is still around she's just looking after her child.

Monica Reyes - smoker and folklore expert

Monica Reyes is the only good person on the X Files to smoke, and does so very endearingly! She first came into contact with John Doggett when working on the disappearance of his son.

She used to work in the New York field office of the FBI, but is no stranger to the unknown. She majored in folklore and mythology at university, and her first FBI assignment was working on a special task force investigating satanic abuse.

She becomes a member to the X Files in Season 9 to replace Scully as she is looking after her child. She also come with a friend Brad Fomer who she was involved with in the past. Brad is no friend to the X Files as he tries to make out. But Monica sees through him and she finds out he is reporting to Kersh another enomy of The X Files.

Monica becomes a main charator on the X Files and a close friend to Scully and doggett. will she help them find The Truth?

Walter Skinner - Vietnam vet and defender of Scully and Mulder

Walter Sergei Skinner is an Assistant Director of the X Files. Initially as unfriendly towards Mulder as the rest of the FBI, Skinner has gradually grown to respect Mulder and Scully's work on the X Files.

He's defended the Agents staunchly, going out on a limb several times to protect them. His faith in Mulder springs from a paranormal experience Skinner underwent in Vietnam. With Mulder's disappearance, Skinner becomes more involved in the X Files, and in helping Scully find Mulder.

Skinner grows closer to the X Files when he relises that so many people are out to get them. He also relises there is more to the story of the Super Soilders. He and Doggett were almost killed by and he can see that he has to fear for the life of William Scullys son.

Skinner defends Mulder in The Truth but when he relises he is fighting a loosing battle he helps to break him out so he can search for the real truth.

The Lone Gunmen - hackers and conspiracy theorists.

The Lone Gunmen are a group of conspiracy theorists. Byers, Frohike and Langly produce a conspiracy newspaper, The Lone Gunman, dedicated to uncovering the truth. This is something they're suprisingly good at, having a deep background knowledge, as well as an enviable ability to supply hardware and hack into computers.

They're rather erratic, though. Mulder uses them as a source of information, but they're easily misled. They fancy Scully rotten, but none of them stands a chance.

When Mulder is abducted Doggett uses them for information and they begin to see the real truth. Without their help the X Files would have closed down long ago. The long gunman die in late season 9 without seeing the real truth that they Mulder and Scully searched for. But before they die they save the world so i guess they went out with a bang.

The CSM The Cigarette Smoking Man
Cigarette Smoking Man - key conspirator and Mulder's nemesis.

The Cigarette Smoking Man is a key figure in the conspiracy, carrying out much of their dirty work, calling on the help of certain sections of the FBI. Working with Agent Krycek, the CSM has overseen the frustration of Mulder and Scully's efforts to uncover the truth.

An enigmatic figure, the CSM was once a friend of Mulder's parents, and may even be Mulder's real father! But we're never sure. All we can tell is that he's a shady figure. An investigation by the Lone Gunmen once hinted that the CSM was responsible for everything from the death of JFK to fixing the Oscars.

Having parted company with Krycek on bitter terms, the CSM continued to work for the conspiracy, until political arguments forced him into a somewhat more obscure role. Dying of cancer, he was last seen being pushed down a flight of stairs by Krycek.

The CSM comes back for one last time in the series final The Truth. He tells Scully and Mulder that the invasion date is December 22nd 2012. Just before he is killed. Why did he hide this from Mulder for 9 Years?

Alex Krycek - conspirator and Russian agent

FBI Special Agent Alex Krycek was originally assigned to Mulder as his new partner. He worked with Mulder to investigate Scully's disappearance, until it became increasingly obvious that Krycek was in fact working with the conspiracy.

Kycek's involvement with aliens has become increasingly complex. Surviving an assassination attempt, he went freelance, became infected with Black Oil, was revealed as a Russian agent, lost an arm, trafficked in Black Oil victims, blackmailed Skinner, and killed off his old boss. Oh, and he shot Mulder's father and Scully's sister. He's not very nice, really.

Deputy Director Alvin Kersh
Assistant Director Alvin Kersh is the new boss that Mulder and Scully are assigned to at the start of season six. His first speaking appearance comes in "Drive". He certainly makes no allowances for Mulder and Scully - and why should he? He insists on scrupulous paperwork, and bills them for expenses incurred on unauthorized work. When Mulder complains, he says that he could always quit. He also refuses to accept Scully's "he's been through a lot" excuse, saying "And you apologize for him a lot. I've noticed that about you." He goes on to say that he does not care that Mulder and Scully saved lives; what he cares is that they no longer investigate X-Files, and the sooner the two of them realize that and act accordingly, the better.
Of course, the Consortium would like it if Kersh successfully forced Mulder and Scully to quit, but this doesn't mean that he's doing their work. He might just be doing his job. He's FBI. Mulder and Scully have flaunted a whole host of FBI regulations. Rebuking then for it is proper procedure. CSM is in his office in "Triangle". However, CSM used to hang out in Skinner's office long after Skinner was on Mulder and Scully's side. CSM seems to have certain influence within the FBI, giving him legitimate reasons to do this. Kersh apparently handed over the paper that Scully had, but CSM was in the room at the time he may have had no choice. Maybe...
Since Mulder and Scully got the X-Files back, he is no longer their boss, as the X-Files are under Skinner's supervisory [One Son]. Kersh returns at the beginning of season eight, and he was promoted to Deputy Director. His first act in his new capacity was sending the ambitious Doggett to the basement, literally as well as figuratively, by saddling him with the X-Files.
He also has a secretary: while we don't know her name, she has quite a definite character. Pretty, with blonde hair about the same length as Scully's, she is obviously after Mulder. When Mulder's body is inhabited by Morris, the MIB [Dreamland], it takes only a few words from him to (apparently) invite her round to his apartment and into his bed. She seems to quite enjoy discomforting Scully, when she discovers the liaison. It is only to be assumed that Mulder, when back in his body, surely had some serious explaining to do, when she found he couldn't even remember their encounter.

A.D Brad Former friend or foe to the X Files
A.D Brad Former new to the Beuro and new to the X Files. He's not a friend but he's not an enemy he's just a pain in the ass! He is working with Kersh to bring down the X Files but at the same time helping them. But will he suceed at his plans? But the other question is how close was he to Agent Reyes in the past? The only way to find out is to see Season 9. (Hint watch Release episode 17)

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