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Enjoy my guide to Season 6 of The X Files

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6X01 The Beginning

In Pheonix, an employee of Roush Technologies, Sandy is found in his home with his chest ripped open, by another employee who is then himself attacked by an alien. Meanwhile in Washington Mulder devotes his time to recovering data from the fire damaged X-files case files. With the FBI investigating committee not giving much credence to their report of the alien ship under the Antarctic ice, Mulder and Scully are re-assigned to other departments within the FBI. Assistant Director Skinner informs Mulder that the X-files have been turned over to Agents Spender and Foley. But he draws Mulder's attention to the incident in Pheonix, which Mulder and Scully follow up on and leads to the discovery of an alien claw in Sandy's house. When an engineer at the Rolling Hills Nuclear plant 60 miles from Pheonix, is killed by the alien. Mulder and Scully travel there but are denied access to the scene by Agent Spender and later reprimanded by the investigating committee who bar them from having anything more to do with the X-files. They also assign a new supervisor, Assistant Director Kersh to oversee Mulder and Scully. Meanwhile the Cigarette Smoking Man attempts to use Gibson Praise to capture the alien but Gibson and the alien manage to escape. Scully tells Mulder that tests on the DNA from the alien claw they recovered matches not only the alien virus but also Gibson's DNA. And that the same DNA is present in all of us, only it is dormant in everyone else. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "No. It's a part of his DNA. In fact, it's a part of all of our DNA. It's called a genetic remnant. It's inactive junk DNA. Except in Gibson it's turned on."

Mulder: "So if that were true, that would mean that Gibson is in some part extraterrestrial."

Scully: "It would mean that all of us are."

6X02 Drive

When husband and wife, Patrick and Vicky Crump are stopped for speeding by the state police in Nevada. With Vicky writhing in agony, Patrick's pleas to let them carry on are ignored and moments later Vicky's head explodes. Mulder and Scully are carrying out routine fertilizer order checks in Idaho as a punishment, when Mulder sees the report of Vicky's unexplained death on the TV. After a quick phone call to the officer in charge, Mulder manages to persuade Scully to make a detour and the two agents are soon involved in the case. Scully examines Vicky's body and discovers that her ear exploded. After a second victim is found in a similar condition, she orders a quarantine to combat a possible communicable disease. When Patrick Crump falls ill and is rushed to hospital, Mulder trails the ambulance but is taken hostage by Patrick and forced to drive across country. As Mulder begins to understand Patrick's situation, he leaves a note for Scully to make sure the car is not stopped. Meanwhile Scully receives a phone call from Assistant Director Kersh, who wants to know what she and Mulder are doing in Nevada. After further investigation and the discovery of more dead people and animals at the Crump's residence, Scully discovers a link to a secret Military low frequency radio experiment in the area. Patrick believes he and his wife are the victims of a secret government experiment, but Mulder and Scully are more concern with trying to saving his life.

Noteworthy Quote

Assistant Director Kersh to Scully: " no longer investigate X-Files. You are done and the sooner you and Mulder come to recognize that, the better for both of you."

6X03 Triangle

Satellite photographs of the Sargasso Sea identifying the British luxury liner 'Queen Anne' that disappeared in the 1930's, prompts Mulder to investigate in the Bermuda Triangle, but his boat capsizes and he is knocked unconscious. The Lone Gunman approach Scully when they realize Mulder's predicament. Scully frantically searches for help from anyone in the FBI to save her partner's life, she calls on Assistant Director Kersh and even Agent Spender before Assistant Director Skinner gives her the information she needs. When Mulder regains consciousness he finds he has been rescued by a passing boat...the 'Queen Anne', Mulder thinks that the boat is caught in some sort of time warp and has been dragged in to the present. But slowly it dawns on him that the year is 1939 and the boat's passengers resemble people from his life, including a woman who looks exactly like Scully. And two Nazi officer's who bear a striking resemblance to Agent Spender and the Cigarette Smoking Man, who have stormed the ship looking for a weapon, Thor's Hammer. But Mulder lets it slip that Thor's Hammer is a scientist who will build a nuclear bomb. The Nazi's attempt to take the ship to Germany, Mulder realizing the affects this will have on the future enlists the help of the 1939 Scully look a like to turn the ship back. Mulder jumps overboard in to the sea where he is picked up by Scully and the Lone Gunman in the present, but they discount his experience as a dream.

Noteworthy Quote

British Crewman to Mulder: "What's wrong with you?! Don't you know there are spies everywhere?! Trust no one, man!"

6X04 Dreamland

After a tip off from an inside source in Area 51, Mulder and Scully travel to Nevada to meet an informant who claims to have irrefutable proof that the government is experimenting with UFO technology. But they are intercepted by Area 51 employees who block the road and tell them that there are no such things as UFOs. During the confrontation a UFO passes overhead that causes Mulder and one of the Area 51 officials, Morris Fletcher to switch bodies. As Scully leaves with "Mulder", now Morris Fletcher. Mulder trapped in Morris' body tries to fit in with the other Area 51 employees to avoid arousing suspicion. As Morris settles in to Mulder's single man FBI agent lifestyle, Mulder uses his new identity's position to gain access to the secretive Area 51. In which capacity he investigates the crash of the UFO from the previous evening, the pilot it seems has switched bodies with a elderly Hopi Indian woman. Pointing to a link between the affects of a problem with the craft's anti-gravity drive and his own current condition, but how can he reverse the effects and return to normal. Mulder attempts to explain his situation to Scully who is understandably skeptical. In an effort to prove himself to Scully, he steals the black box from the crashed UFO to show her, but Morris gets wind of the plan and informs Assistant Director Kersh who orders Scully to set a trap for Mulder. Area 51 police arrest Mulder and drag him away, as he shouts to Scully that Morris is not him. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "What is up with you?....This is an X-File, your life's work, your crusade!"

Morris (as Mulder): "As I understand it, we're off the X-Files."

6X05 Dreamland II

Morris Fletcher recants Mulder's life from his sister's disappearance, to his time at Oxford, his FBI training and his first assignment at Behavioural Science. And then he went mad, turned away from his brilliant career and spent his time shaking his fist at the sky and muttering about conspiracies to anyone who will listen. But Morris is going to change all that. Mulder is not adapting to his new identity quite as easily. He is free at least, after the Black Box he attempted to show to Scully turns out to be a fake, his fellow Area 51 colleagues assume he was trying to scam the FBI in an attempt to discover the identity of the informant in their midst. Scully is sanctioned by Assistant Director Kersh and put on suspension for two weeks, Morris invites her to dinner under the pretence of easing her pain. When she arrives, Morris has tidied up and uncovered a bedroom in Mulder's apartment. As he attempts to seduce her, prompted by his strange behaviour she handcuffs him to the bed and accuses him of being Morris not Mulder. Morris admits that it is true, but claims not to know how to reverse the switch. Scully takes Morris to see the Lone Gunman, but they are unable to provide any suggestions. The situation looks hopeless until one of the Area 51 employees uncovers evidence that suggests that the switch will reverse itself, if they are in the right place at the right time. Acting on this Scully takes Morris to meet Mulder where the switch first occurred in an attempt to restore normality. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

General Wegman: "There comes a time when you... look back instead of forward... See the sum of your life. My entire career has been spent hiding the truth from the American people destroying, in a way, that which was most precious to me."

6X06 Terms of Endearment

When a married woman, Laura Weinsider's ultrasound reveals abnormalities in her unborn child, she dreams that night of a demon stealing her baby, only to awake and find her baby is gone. The town's sheriff, who happens to be Laura's brother takes the case to agent Spender, now investigating the X-files, who ignores it and shreds the file. It is agent Mulder who salvages the file and travels to the small town of Hollins in Virginia to investigate what he sees as a classic case of demon baby harvesting. Scully asked by Mulder to take a look at Laura's medical records discovers mandrake, often used to self induce abortion, in Laura system. But Mulder's prime suspect is Laura's husband Wayne, whom he follows around town, uncovering Wayne's dual life. He is married to a second woman, Betsy who lives across town and is also pregnant. Mulder fears for her safety, but before Mulder and Scully can help her, Betsy too dreams of a demon coming to take her baby. On their way to Betsy's house Mulder and Scully are forced to stop by a car swerving in front of them. The car is driven by Betsy, who is bleeding and in distress, she tells them that Wayne took her baby. At Betsy's house, they find Wayne digging in the backyard, they assume he is burying Betsy's baby. But before he can explain the sheriff arrives and shoots Wayne. Mulder concludes Wayne was a demon who longed for a normal life, a family, but all his children turned out to be demons.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I, uh... before I tell you, I'm going to ask you to keep an open mind."

Scully: "This isn't an X-File?"

6X07 Rain King

Mulder persuades Scully to join him in an investigation in Kroner, Kansas after being asked by the local Mayor, who believes that the drought they have been suffering from for the past nine months is caused by Daryl Moots. Following an argument with his fiancee Shelia, Daryl lost his leg in a car accident six months earlier, ever since then he has been able to make it rain at will. A valuable gift in a drought plagued area. Scully can not believe that Mulder wants to investigate a man who can control the weather. They go to Rain King Inc's office and meet Daryl's secretary, she can not understand why Mulder and Scully are investigating Daryl who is just trying to help people. The two agents meet a local TV weather man, Holman Hardt who explains that Kroner is a meteorologist's dream because of all the unusual weather over the years. Holman doubts Daryl has caused the drought, but does believe that Daryl can make it rain. Mulder and Scully go to a local farm where Daryl is due to make it rain. When Daryl arrives he claims not to know how he does it, but after a little dancing around, there is a clap of thunder and it starts to pour with rain. That night Mulder is nearly killed by a cow picked up by the wind and dropped in to his hotel room. Next morning Shelia claims to be responsible for the weather. Mulder doubts that she is the one controlling the weather but does believe that she is the key to the case as suspicions focus in on Holman and his unrequited love for Shelia.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Look at the desperation on these people's faces, Mulder. They're ready to believe anything."

6X08 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and Mulder persuades Scully to forsake the cheery Christmas tradition to join him a stake out in Maryland. Upon meeting Mulder however, Scully is dismayed to discovers the object of the stake out is a reputed haunted house. Mulder informs her that in 1917 two young lovers, Maurice and Lyda weary of the war and the flu epidemic, wanting to be together forever took their own lives in a double suicide on Christmas Eve. Since then there have been three similar double suicides in the house on Christmas Eve, Mulder believes that the couple's ghosts are responsible. Scully is reluctant to squander her Christmas Eve on a ludicrous ghost hunt but follows Mulder in to the house when her car keys disappear, only to have the door lock behind her, trapping them both inside. Events take a strange turn when they uncover two decomposing bodies dressed exactly like them under the floorboards in the library. When they attempt to leave the library they find themselves back in the library, they both try a different door and find themselves separated from each other. Mulder encounters Maurice who accuses him of being a lonely man who brought Scully to the house to kill her so that they could be together forever. Scully is startled by Lyda, who warns her that Mulder has gone mad and is going to kill her as part of a murder suicide. The ghosts plan seem to have worked when Mulder and Scully shoot each other and collapse bleeding on the hallway floor.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Mulder, none of that really happened out there tonight, that was all in our heads, right?"

Mulder: "I-it must have been."

6X09 Tithonus

Scully is called to Assistant Director Kersh's office, she is assigned to partner agent Ritter from the New York City office in the case of a crime scene photographer, Alfred Fellig who is suspected of being involved in the murders that he photographs. After a photograph he took included a clock that showed it was taken before the crime was reported to the police. Mulder stuck carrying out routine FBI background checks, thinks that the case is an X-file but Scully denies it. Meanwhile Fellig photographing another crime scene is stabbed in the back by the murderer, with his fingerprints on the knife left at the scene he is taken in for questioning. Fellig admits to being present at the scene and being wounded, but when Scully checks his back, the wounds have all but healed. Later Scully confronts Fellig who takes her for a drive, stopping he points out a prostitute and tells Scully she is about to die. As they watch a man begins hassling her, Scully rushes to arrest him. But turning to leave the prostitute steps in to the path of a passing truck and is killed. Mulder carrying out a background check on Fellig, discovers his fingerprints on records dating back 149 years. Scully again confronts Fellig, who explains that he sees people who are about to die in black and white. That he himself missed death when he was sick with Yellow Fever and now photographs people dying to try and catch Death's attention. And he may have another chance as he sees Scully in black and white.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder (On Phone): "Hey, Scully, uh, how's that X-File coming? And before you tell me that it's not an X-File..."

Scully (On Phone): "It is."

6X10 S.R. 819

Assistant Director Skinner collapses in the gym and is taken to hospital, while recovering he receives a phone call telling him he has only twenty-four hours to live. Mulder finds Skinner on the couch in his office, having difficulty seeing and calls in Scully for her medical expertise, as he toys with the idea that Skinner may have been poisoned. They question Skinner about the events of the day, he recalls bumping in to a man in the hallway, using the FBI close circuit TV tape they identify the man as Kenneth Orgel, an adviser to the US Senate. Scully goes to see Skinner's doctor and discovers the tests on Skinner's blood reveal bits of carbon multiplying and building structure in his system. The Orgel trail leads Mulder to his contact on Capitol Hill Senator Matheson, who has supported him in the past, but is not forth coming about the current case. As Skinner takes a turn for the worst and is rushed to hospital, Mulder discovers that he was doing a security review of new technology export laws that could be linked to his current condition. Scully thinks she has found a way to remove the carbon from Skinner's blood, when she tells him, Skinner tells her he is sorry for not being more helpful to them with the X-files, for not taking sides. Mulder arrives with information about senate resolution 819 and the export of nanotechnology, that could be the cause of Skinner's illness but it appears Skinner's only hope is a mysterious long haired man, whose intentions maybe far more sinister.

Noteworthy Quote

Assistant Director Skinner: "Oh. This is about you!"

Mulder: "Or about the X-Files."

Assistant Director Skinner: "You are so paranoid, Mulder. You're not even on the X-Files anymore."

6X11 Two Fathers

In a familiar looking train car, doctors in chemical suits operate, they make an incision in an unseen patient's stomach, green fluid seeps out but the wound heals itself. As another doctor arrives he is informed that after 25 years the work is complete. Moments later a faceless man enters the train car and sets fire to the doctors. The patient in the train car is Cassandra Spender missing for over a year. Assistant Director Skinner takes agent Spender to see his mother in hospital but she refuses to talk to anyone except Mulder. Spender reluctantly agrees but Mulder believes it is an attempt to entrap him. Mulder and Scully recognise the train car setup and burned bodies from previous X-files cases and arrange to meet Cassandra secretly. She tells them that the doctors in the train car worked with the aliens colonists who are here to wipe the human race off the planet. They move through the Universe, infecting all other life forms with the Black Oil known as "purity", which is their life force. She also tells Mulder that the woman he met, that the Cigarette Smoking Man claimed was his sister was a fake, that Samantha is with the aliens. Mulder and Scully use the X-files basement office to uncover the Cigarette Smoking Man's real identity, his links with Mulder's father Bill and a secret 25 year old project. But their unauthorised access of the X-files office is discovered and they are suspended from the FBI. Meanwhile agent Spender joins Krycek on an errand for the Cigarette Smoking Man. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Cigarette Smoking Man: "If Mulder hadn't known of his father's history with me. He was fueled now with names and dates and ... certainties. I couldn't stop him any longer -- stop him from learning our sins, his father's and my own. The truth was out there fatally exposed. I had one last hope, one chance to preserve my legacy.

6X12 One Son

In Mulder's apartment Cassendra Spender implores Mulder and Scully to kill her, but Diana Fowley and men from the Centres for Disease Control burst in claiming they have been exposed to an unknown disease. At the decontamination centre in Fort Marlene, Cassandra is held separately, leading Scully to conclude they are continuing the experiments on her. Mulder however believes 'she is the one'. He encounters a dishevelled looking Marita Covarrubias, the Syndicate have been running test of the Black Oil vaccine on her. She confirms the work to develop an alien/human hybrid was done in co-operation with the aliens, but only in an attempt to buy time. When the aliens discover that they have succeeded with Cassandra, colonisation will begin. Scully with the help of the Lone Gunman discovers that Diana Fowley was collecting data about female abductees while she was in Europe. Mulder dismisses Scully's concerns and goes to see Diana, only to meet the Cigarette Smoking Man instead. He tells Mulder of the Project and the Syndicate members who assisted the aliens in return for them and their families survival when colonisation began, hence Samantha's abduction. But that Bill Mulder's idea was to develop a vaccine to the alien virus for when the time came. Agent Spender does not believe Krycek when he tells him the Syndicate intend to hand over his mother to the aliens. But it appears events have overcome the Syndicate members....The future is here and all bets are off. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder about Cassandra: "She's the first, isn't she? She's the first successful alien/human hybrid.

Marita Covarrubias: "If she is and the aliens learn a hybrid exists, colonization of the planet will begin. With no stopping it.

6X13 Arcadia

After a number of couples from the 'The Falls of Arcadia' community mysteriously disappear. Mulder and Scully go undercover posing as Rob and Laura Petrie, a married couple. They move in to the house formally occupied by David and Nancy Kline, one of the missing couples. And soon discover that the community has many rules, they have to be moved in by six that evening and Mulder's basketball hoop is not allowed on the driveway. Many of their neighbours turn up to help them meet the six o'clock deadline. Next morning, Mulder goes to see the president of the homeowners association, Mr Gogolak about his basketball hoop, only to be told it is not allowed. Mulder discovers that Mr Gogolak is an importer who often travels to Tibet. Mulder puts a pink flamingo on the lawn to provoke a reaction, within minutes it has been removed. He kicks the mailbox so it leans to one side and keeps an eye on it all day. But when he has to go to the bathroom, the mailbox is straightened and a note left inside warning, 'Be like the others before it gets dark'. That evening Mulder puts his basketball hoop outside but one of the neighbours rushes out and tries to stop him, as they talk a creature attacks the neighbour but Mulder manages to chase it off. It appears the creature is enforcing the community rules which leads Mulder to believe that during his business trips to Tibet Mr Gogolak has developed the ability to create a Tulpa, a Tibetian thought-form.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "What do you mean?"

Mulder: "I got a look at that thing that's been scaring everybody and I take it back. This is an X-File."

6X14 Agua Mala

As Hurricane Leroy wreaks havoc on Florida's Gulf Coast, Mulder and Scully are called to the town of Goodland by retired FBI Agent Arthur Dales to investigate local residents claims of an attack by a sea monster. Arthur Dales explains that he spoke to a neighbour Sara Shipley, a marine biologist, on the radio. She had witnessed her husband being choked by tentacles in their bathroom, Arthur Dales had heard nothing from her since that time. Arthur Dales persuades Mulder and Scully to investigate a possible X-file. They start at the Shipley residence but can find no trace of them, they do however encounter their cat, hiding in the washing machine. As they leave, local sheriff's Deputy Greer mistakes the two agents for looters until they are able to identify themselves as FBI Agents. On their way back to see Arthur Dales, to tell him they are giving up on the case, the weather worsens and they are forced to take refuge at the Breakers Condominium. Only to discover Deputy Greer and one of the residents have been attacked and injured by an unknown creature, that appears to be using the buildings plumbing system to travel. Putting the lives of the other residents in jeopardy, a point borne out when Mulder is himself attacked by the creature in the hallway. The situation is further complicated when a pregnant woman's waters break forcing Scully to choose between helping Mulder or delivering the baby, at the same time being held at gun point by a deranged resident.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "If the sea is where life began.. where our ancestors first walked ashore.. then who's to say what new life may be developing in it's uncharted depths.

6X15 Monday

Monday morning and Mulder awakes to find his water bed has leaked, shorting out his alarm clock making him late. Water has seeped through the floor to the apartment below and the resident calls to complain. On arrival at the X-files basement office in the FBI building Scully informs him he is late for a meeting with Assistant Director Skinner, but Mulder has to make a bank deposit to cover the cheque he wrote to his landlord for the damages. Mulder goes to the Cradock Marine Bank down the street from the FBI offices. In a car outside a woman, Pam and a man, Bernard sit talking. Bernard tells Pam he has to run an errand but when he gets inside the bank he starts a robbery. Moments later Scully enters the bank looking for Mulder and draws her gun, in all the commotion Mulder is shot. As Scully tries to help Mulder, who lies bleeding, riot police alerted by the silent alarm storm the bank. Bernard knowing he is trapped detonates the explosives strapped to his chest destroying the bank....Monday morning and Mulder awakes to find his water bed has leaked, shorting out his alarm clock making him late.....and so it goes on, time appears to be repeating itself in a loop, forcing Mulder and Scully to continually relive the experience with small variations but always the same result, the bank is blown up. Only the woman Pam appears conscious of the time loop, of the events repeating themselves and tries in vain to alert the two agents to their shared predicament.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Scully, did you ever have one of those days you wish you could rewind and start all over again from the beginning?"

Scully: "Yes, frequently. But I mean, who's to say that if you did rewind it and start over again that it wouldn't end up exactly the same way?"

6X16 Alpha

When two crew members aboard the freighter T'ien Kou en route from Hong Kong are attacked by an animal and found dead inside a shipping crate, the case is brought to the attention of Agent Mulder by an online friend. Mulder shows Scully the crime scene photographs, which indicate that the men died of dog bites wounds but does not explain how their bodies were found inside a locked shipping crate. They visit the crime scene and talk with agent Chan of the US Fish and Wildlife Department about the case. He tells them that the shipping crate is the property of a cryptozoologist, Dr Detweiler and introduces them to him. Detweiler thinks Mulder and Scully are there to investigate the missing animal, which he claims is a Wanshang Dhole, a rare breed of Asian dog thought to be extinct for 150 years. When a second victim of a dog attack is found dead in his locked house, Mulder puts forward the theory that the dog is no ordinary dog, but one with human intelligence. The two agents go to see Karin Berquist, a canine behavioural expert, and Scully soon discovers the person who brought the case to Mulder's attention in the first place via their online acquaintance. But Karin is of little help to them only letting them know that the Wanshang Dhole is a legendary trickster dog. Agent Scully however thinks that Karin is the trickster, using the case to finally meet Mulder. As it turns out Mulder's theory about a dog with human intelligence is not far from the truth.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Animals that aren't supposed to exist like Sasquatch and the Ogopogo and the Abominable Snowman and...."

Scully: (interrupting) "Don't mind him. He'll go on forever."

6X17 Trever

At a prison farm in Mississippi, inmate Pinker Rawls is put in to solitary confinement following an assault on a fellow prisoner. Rawls is held in the shack in the middle of the work yard. But while the other inmates prepare for an approaching storm, a passing tornado rips up the shack and deposits it 3 miles away, Rawls is presumed dead. Shortly afterwards the Captain of the prison is found cut in two in his locked office. Mulder and Scully are brought in to work the case, Scully performs an autopsy on the Captain and speculates about spontaneous human combustion as the causing factor. But when Mulder finds the wall in the Captain's office is so brittle he can knock holes in it, he is convinced the Captain was murdered. That evening a security guard finds Rawls in the Val-U-Mart store stealing clothes and arrests him, handcuffing him while he radios in. But Rawls manages to escape the handcuffs and steals the guard's car. When Mulder examines the handcuffs, he discovers that they too are very brittle, so brittle he can break them in two with his hands. Further investigation reveals that Rawls carried out a robbery eight years earlier and the ninety thousand dollars was never recovered, it appears he is trying to find his old girlfriend June, to get what he is due. Mulder theories that Rawls is able to pass through objects by some how changing their composition, a possible side affect of his encounter with the tornado. But how can they stop a man with such a power.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Dear Diary: Today my heart leapt when Agent Scully suggested spontaneous human combustion. "

Scully: "Mulder, there are one or two somewhat well-documented cases."

Scully: (In response to Mulder's look) "Mulder shut up!"

6X18 Milagro

Mulder's new neighbour is Philip Padgett, a writer struggling with his new story. Padgett notices Scully on her way to Mulder's apartment and is attracted to her. He listens in on Mulder and Scully's conversation through the air vent in his apartment. Scully tells Mulder of the discovery of a murder victim who's heart was removed without an incision being made. Padgett is inspired by what he over hears and begins to write about it. Mulder is called to another crime scene after a young man Kevin is found dead with his heart extracted from his unmarked chest. Meanwhile Scully finds a 'Milagro', a Spanish good luck charm pushed under Mulder's door and believes it is from the killer. Later Padgett approached Scully in a church, explaining the story of the sacred heart before confessing to Scully that he is attracted to her. Scully tells Mulder about Padgett, prompting Mulder to steal mail from Padgett's mailbox. Although this reveals nothing, Mulder finds evidence of a link to the dead man Kevin via the personal ads Padgett placed. Scully works out that the Milagro belongs to Padgett and returns it to him, accepting an invitation for a coffee. But Mulder bursts in to the apartment, discovers the chapters Padgett wrote are all actual crimes and arrests him. Mulder accuses Padgett of being the killer, tracking his victims through the personal ads. Padgett denies any involvement, claiming he just used his imagination to write about it. Only it appears what he writes about actually happens in reality.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "No one can predict human behavior. No one can tell you what another person's going to do."

Scully: "Well, isn't that what you do, Mulder, as a behavioral profiler? You imagine the killer's mind so well that you know what they're going to do next."

6X19 Three of a Kind

The Lone Gunman travel to Las Vegas where Def-Con '99, a convention of black ops technology is being held. Unable to gain access to the convention itself, Byers takes part in a private poker game posing as a defence contractor, but he is tricked by another player using fake jargon and kicked out of the game. On his way back to the hotel room Byers thinks he catches sight of Suzanne Modeski, who the Lone Gunman first met at a convention in Baltimore back in 1989 and whom Byers has secretly longed to meet again. Scully make the journey to Las Vegas following a phone call from Mulder telling her that the Lone Gunman have found something, only the phone call was from the Lone Gunman using a computer to fake Mulder's voice. Byers sees Suzanne in a hotel room kissing the man from the poker game. The Lone Gunman hack in to the hotel computer and discover he is Grant Ellis, an employee of the Advanced Weapons Research Centre, the same place that Suzanne worked 10 years before. The Lone Gunman begin surveillance of Suzanne's room, but discover that she is already under surveillance. Byers confronts Suzanne and accuses her of being brainwashed into working for the government once more. Suzanne denies this and later explains that Grant Ellis is helping her to expose a government program at the convention, a program using a drug she developed called 'AE', which affects the victims higher brain function, making them more open to suggestion.

Noteworthy Quote

Byers: "Mulder's too high profile. He's virtually a household name to the black ops who kidnapped Susanne in Baltimore."

6X20 The Unnatural

It is Saturday afternoon and Mulder is in the X-files basement office leafing through New Mexico newspaper obituaries from the 1940's looking for anomalies, much to Scully's dismay on such a beautiful afternoon. But Mulder stumbles across a newspaper picture of agent Arthur Dales with a Negro baseball player and the alien bounty hunter. Ripping the page from the book, Mulder leaves the office and goes to Dales' apartment, only to discover that Dales brother, also named Arthur has taken over the apartment. But when he shows the photo to Dales, it turns out that the photo is of him not his brother. In June 1947 Dales was a police office in Roswell, assigned to protect a Negro baseball star Josh Exley from member of the Klu Klux Klan, bent on keeping baseball white. Exley played for a Negro team called the Roswell Greys and had hit 60 home runs in the season matching Babe Ruth's record, and so was being scouted for the major leagues. Only Exley does not want to play for the major leagues, he is quite content to stay were he is and play baseball for the Roswell Greys. Only Dales claims this was because Exley was actually a grey alien who had fallen in love with the game of baseball and that was the reason he did not want to play in the major leagues. As the newspapers and reporters would dig in to his background and reveal the truth. A fear shared by Exley's fellow aliens who send the alien bounty hunter to deal with the problem in his own unique fashion.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "You're also implying that this baseball-playing alien has something to do with the famous Roswell UFO crash of July '47, aren't you?"

Arthur Dales: "You're just dying to connect the dots aren't you, son?"

6X21 Field Trip

After a day of hiking, a woman Angela complains that her husband Wallace left her behind and walked on ahead. Later in the shower she has a vision of being covered in yellow goo. That night as they embrace in bed, the scene changes to show their skeletons locked together in a field. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate, Scully speculates that the couple were killed and their bodies boiled to remove all the organs and tissue in some sort of ritualistic killing. But Mulder notes that the couple's remains were found on Brown Mountain, North Carolina. Where witnesses have report strange lights around the mountain for hundreds of years. On examination Scully discovers a yellow goo on Wallace and Angela's bones. Meanwhile as Mulder combs the field where the couple were found looking for evidence, he encounters Wallace hiding in a cave. Wallace claims he was abducted by aliens, a claim backed up when a bright light appears and Angela is returned, recanting the same abduction story. Only Mulder can not figure out the skeletons. The bright light returns and Mulder walks in to it. Mulder's skeleton is later found in the field, but Scully senses something is not right, especially when the Lone Gunman and Assistant Director Skinner both agree with her ritualistic killing theory with out question. Mulder returns with actual proof of alien involvement. However Scully's investigation seems to indicate that the yellow goo is a digestive secretion from a plant and holds the key to the case.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Mulder, can't you just for once, just... for the novelty of it, come up with the simplest explanation, the most logical one, instead of automatically jumping to UFOs or Bigfoot or...?"

Mulder: "Scully, in six years, how... how often have I been wrong? No, seriously. I mean, everytime I bring you a new case we go through this perfunctory dance. You tell me I'm not being scientifically rigorous and that I'm off my nut, and then in the end who turns out to be right like 98.9% of the time? I just think I've... earned the benefit of the doubt here."

6X22 Biogenesis

When a scientist Solomon Merkmallen who believes in Panspermia, the theory that life on Earth originated from Mars, finds an artifact on a beach in the Ivory Coast that could be irrefutable proof. He travels to Washington to show it to Dr Sandoz, who has discovered similar tablets. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate when Merkmallen is killed. Mulder is shown a rubbing of the tablet Merkmallen found and experiences voices in his head while in Assistant Director Skinner's office. The two agents visit Dr Sandoz's lab and meet Dr Barnes, who has spent his career debunking fakes. Mulder wonders if it would not be in Dr Barnes best interest to hide any conclusive proof. They visit Dr Sandoz's residence and find Merkmallen's body and a photograph of Dr Sandoz with the Navajo code talker Albert Holsteen. Tests reveal Merkmallen's body has been exposed to Cosmic Galactic Radiation, a type of radiation from outside of our Solar System. Mulder's spells of hearing voices in his head increase in frequency until he is incapacitated and has to be rescued by Diana Fowley. Meanwhile Scully goes to see Albert Holsteen in New Mexico only to discover he has cancer. Scully encounters Dr Sandoz who claims that the artifact has code from the human genome on it. Shortly afterwards Dr Sandoz is killed by Krycek. Scully travels to the Ivory Coast to the beach where Merkmallen discovered the tablet. And finds that the tablet is part of a larger object, a UFO buried in the sand. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Scully to Skinner: "On Agent Mulder's urging I ran tissue samples through what's called a charged particle directional spectrometer. There were traces of a kind of radiation called C.G.R."

Mulder: "Cosmic Galactic Radiation. It's a kind of radiation that's found only outside our solar system. "

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