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Enjoy my Season 5 Guide to The X Files

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5X01 Unusual Suspects

In a flash back to 1989, Agent Mulder is found acting paranoid in a blood spattered warehouse in Baltimore by Detective John Munch along with Langly, Frohike and Byers (the future members of the Lone Gunman). In an attempt to explain Byers recants the events that led up to them being found in the warehouse. He met a woman called Holly at a computer convention who claimed that her daughter had been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, she then gave him an Internet address to locate her daughter. Byers hacked in to a government computer but the relevant file was encrypted, however Frohike on the next booth agreed to help decrypt the file. Holly then identified Mulder as her ex-boyfriend so Byers and Frohike approached Mulder only to discover he was an FBI agent. With the help of Langly who was also exhibiting at the convention, they hacked in to the FBI computer for information on Mulder, but instead discovered that Holly's real name is Suzanne Modeski and that she was wanted for bombing an FBI lab. Suzanne admitted her story was fabricated, in fact she was trying to prevent the government from testing paranoia-inducing gas, that she helped develop, on an unsuspecting public. Mulder while attempting to arrest Suzanne Modeski had a shoot out with some government officials, which left him in a psychotic state caused by exposure to the paranoia-inducing gas and allowed Suzanne to escaped. Detective Munch is skeptical until Mulder verifies the story is true.

Noteworthy Quote

Suzanne Modeski to the future Lone Gunman: "No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough. Tell the truth, reach as many people as you can with it, that's your weapon!"

5X02 Redux

Twenty-four hours before Scully identified Mulder's body in his apartment, Mulder receives a tip from Kritschgau that he is being watched. After discovering a pinhole in his ceiling he encounters Scott Ostelhoff spying on him from the apartment above, after a short scuffle a shot rings out. Mulder tells Scully that he killed Ostelhoff while he has trying to destroy a record of phone calls he made to the Bureau. They conclude that their own agency is behind a cover up and that they are unwitting pawns in the conspiracy. Mulder persuades Scully to help him fake his own death in an attempt to uncover the truth. After Scully goes to Mulder's apartment to identify 'his' body, she traces the number that Ostelhoff was calling to the same exchange that Assistant Director Skinner is on. Test results on the ice core sample taken from the mountain reveal a new life form. When Scully compares this new organism with her own DNA, they match, she concludes that her cancer is a result of being exposed to the organism. The Cigarette Smoking Man tells his fellow conspirators that he does not believe Agent Mulder it dead. Meanwhile Mulder uses Ostelhoff's ID card to break in to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency facility and finds a metallic vial that may contain a cure for Scully, only to have the Lone Gunman discover it is just de-ionized water. However it appears all Mulder's effort was in vain when Scully collapses while presenting evidence to an FBI inquiry panel. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "But I've seen aliens. I've witnessed these things."

Kritschgau: "You've seen what they wanted you to see!"

5X03 ReduxII (The 100th Episode)

Mulder rushes to the hospital and finds Scully unconscious and on a ventilator. Assistant Director Skinner tells him that Scully is close to death. Mulder refuses to co-operate with Skinner or the FBI inquiry team. The Cigarette Smoking Man has his own troubles, other members of the shadowy syndicate he is part of are angry with him for allowing Mulder to escape from the DARPA facility, but he argues that Mulder is far more valuable alive. Scully regains consciousness and informs Mulder of her suspicions about Skinner, but Mulder is skeptical. The Cigarette Smoking Man contacts Mulder and explains that the vial he gave to the Lone Gunman contains a microchip implant that will cure Scully's cancer. Scully agrees to give it a try despite objects from her mother Margaret and brother Bill. The Cigarette Smoking Man arranges for Mulder to meet who he claims is Mulder's sister Samantha, she explains that some time after her abduction she was told that the Cigarette Smoking Man was her father. Mulder is unsure whether to believe she is his sister or not. Later the Cigarette Smoking Man asks Mulder to quit the FBI and work for him instead, but Mulder refuses. Brought before the inquiry panel, Mulder informs them that Section Chief Blevins is the mole within the FBI, shortly thereafter both Blevins and the Cigarette Smoking Man are gunned down, although his body is not found. Mulder informs Skinner that Scully's cancer has gone into remission. Part Three

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder to Scully: "To live the lie you have to believe it. Like these men who deceive us, who gave you this disease....We all have our faith, and mine is in the truth."

5X04 Detour

Agents Mulder and Scully join fellow FBI agents Kinsley and Stonecypher as they travel to Florida to take part in an FBI creative team seminar, which Mulder thinks is a complete waste of time. However the car is stopped en-route by a State Troopers road block, Mulder seizes the chance to use his detective skills more productively and gets out of the car. He becomes even more interested after the local Search and Rescue Leader, Michele Fazekas explains that three men have disappeared without a trace in the local woods and strange tracks have been discovered that can not be identified as man or animal. Mulder arranges from Scully and himself to book in to a motel for the night, a move which is soon rewarded when Louis Asekoff, the son of one of the missing men, claims that a creature with red eyes chased him from his home. Scully puts it down to an overactive imagination and the horror film he was watching however Mulder finds tracks at Louis' house and links the current case to an old X-file from the 1950's when a town in West Virginia was terrorised by primitive looking men with red eyes who the locals dubbed 'moth men'. Mulder theorises that these attacks on humans could be in response to local developments encroaching on the woods. Mulder and Scully join Michele Fazekas and Jeff Glaser in the search for the strange creature in hope of catching it before it hurts anyone else. But soon it is difficult to tell who is the hunter and who is the hunted.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Those woods are as old as anything in the south. And there's 800 square miles of them. There's no telling what's alive out there."

5X05 Christmas Carol

Scully joins her mother Margaret and travels to her brother Bill's house in San Diego for the Christmas holidays, soon after arriving she receives a phone call from a woman who sounds remarkably like her dead sister Melissa, the woman tells Scully, 'she needs your help'. A little perplexed by the call, Scully has the FBI trace the origin of the call. It turns out to be a local address, when Scully arrives at the Sim residence she discovers a police investigation in progress. It appears that Mrs Roberta Sim committed suicide, the police question her husband Marshall and daughter Emily, Scully feels a strange connection to the girl. Detective Kresge can not understand why the FBI is interested in a suicide, but Scully explains about the phone call. Kresge tells her that the phone has been off the hook for three hours so could not have been used to call Scully, although puzzled Scully leaves . Later that night Scully dreams of the girl and again receives a phone call asking her to go to Emily once more. Scully decides to investigate the case and performs an autopsy on Roberta Sim, which reveals a small puncture wound on her foot, hinting that there is more to this apparent suicide. Scully is struck by how alike Emily is to her sister at that age, she runs some tests that reveal that Emily may be Melissa's daughter, a more accurate DNA test will take a few days. When Marshall Sim confesses to the murder and then hangs himself in jail, it leaves only Scully to protect the girl. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "I don't believe in fate. I think we have to choose our own path!"

5X06 Post-Modern Prometheus

Mulder and Scully find themselves on the trail of a modern day Frankenstein when a single mother, Shaineh Berkowitz sends a letter to Mulder, after seeing him on Jerry Springer show, asking him to investigate the appearance of a strange monster eighteen years earlier when her son was conceived. The two agents travel to Bloomington, Indiana to meet with Shaineh and hear her story. The creature she describes who attacked her is the exact likeness of a comic book character her son Izzy created called The Great Mutato. But Izzy claims that other members of the local community have seen the monster also. He and his friends take the two agents to a wooded area where they lay a trap for the monster using a peanut butter sandwich. They soon encounter the creature from a distance and the group gives chase but they loose track of the monster in the darkness. Mulder meets an old man who claims the monster is his son, Dr Francis Pollidori, a renown scientist who experimented in genetic manipulation, possibly a tragic victim of his own genetic tampering. Mulder and Scully find themselves the centre of attention in the local community following a newspaper article quoting Mulder confirming the monsters existence. They realise that Izzy has been recording their conversation. The two agents endeavour to locate the creature and find themselves wondering who the real monsters are as wild hysteria and mob mentality takes control of the town.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I don't think this has anything to do with alien abductions. I don't even know if I believe in that stuff anymore!"

5X07 Emily

After DNA test results reveal that Emily Sim is Scully's daughter, she goes to the San Diego County Children's Centre so that she can protect Emily. Mulder, asked by Scully to be a witness on her behalf at Emily's custody hearing joins her there. He tells Scully that the Lone Gunman hacked in to the California Social Services adoption records, Emily's mother is listed as Anna Fugazzi, meaning fake. He warns her the men behind the conspiracy will do anything to protect Emily even fight Scully's custody of her. At Emily's custody hearing Mulder introduces a file about Scully's abduction three years earlier. He explains that Emily was conceived through a scientific experiment using Scully's harvested eggs, proving that Scully is Emily's biological mother. Scully once more receives a mysterious phone call which is traced back to the San Diego County Children's Centre. When the two agents arrive, they discover Emily has a fibrous cyst on the back of her neck. When a doctor attempts to biopsy the cyst, it releases green fluid and he is overcome and has to hospitalised. While Scully concentrates on Emily's condition and medical test to find a cure, Mulder delves in to the conspiracy behind it. He visits the Dimsdale Retirement home and finds a number of elderly woman, including Anna Fugazzi who have been given regular hormone injections and have given birth in recent years. But in the end not even Scully's belief in science can help her as Emily slips into a coma and dies. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "No matter how much you love this little girl. She is a miracle that was never meant to be Scully!"

5X08 Kitsunegari

When Robert Modell, aka Pusher uses his 'gift' to overcome an orderly and escapes from the Lorton Penitentiary. Mulder and Scully are called to Virginia to assist in his re-capture because of their first hand experience of Modell. The FBI agents and US marshals assembled are sceptical when Mulder explains that Modell is able to force his will on to others, and can make people harm themselves. When Nathan Bowman, the prosecutor who helped in Modell's conviction is found dead, his body covered in cerulean blue paint, the walls adorned with a Japanese ideogram, Kitsunegari meaning 'fox hunt', Mulder and Scully realise that Modell is playing his deadly game of cat and mouse once more. When Modell appears to be targeting Linda Bowman, the prosecutors wife, they arrange for her to be taken to a safe house. Mulder believes that Modell is shadowing their ever move, he carries out a search of the surrounding area and spots Modell. But after Mulder confronts Modell, only for him to escape by forcing his will on Mulder, Mulder begins to doubt the extent of Modell's involvement in the prosecutor's death. Scully is concerned that Mulder may be under Modell's influence, a concern shared by Assistant Director Skinner. Especially when Mulder pulls his gun on Linda Bowman accusing her of complicity in her husbands death. Skinner orders Mulder to hand in his weapon and go home. Leaving Skinner and Scully to stop Modell before he can take his revenge on Mulder.

Noteworthy Quote

Modell to Mulder: "Don't play the game."

5X09 Schizogeny

Agents Mulder and Scully travel to Coats Grove, Michigan to investigate after a teenage boy, Bobby Rich is accused of killing his stepfather. Bobby had an altercation with his stepfather Phil over his incomplete lawn work. Bobby threatened him with a shovel and then ran off, Phil gave chase in to the orchard near their home. Shortly afterwards Bobby's mother Patti found Phil buried up to his shoulders in mud with Bobby kneeling next to him. Scully's autopsy of Phil reveals he had twelve pounds of mud in his stomach, Scully speculates that Bobby dug the hole to trap Phil and an accomplice held his head down in the mud. They interview Bobby who claims to have been abused by Phil for many years. But Patti claims that Bobby was trying to help Phil escape from the mud, she also tells them that Bobby is under going psychological counselling for anger. Mulder and Scully pay a visit to Bobby's therapist, Karin Matthews. She explains that Bobby is a victim of physical abuse. Mulder expresses his opinion that Bobby did not kill his stepfather. Bobby tells a fellow student and another of Karin's patients, Lisa Baicchi about how he stood up to his tormentor Phil. Later that evening Lisa's father angrily tells her not to see Bobby anymore, Lisa stands up to him. Moments later her father smashes through the bedroom window and falls to his death. But evidence seems to indicate he was pulled out of the window, leading Mulder to believe there is a greater evil at work in the local community.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Release for a victim who, unable to face up to her own past, was finally consumed by it."

5X10 Chinga

Melissa Turner and her young daughter Polly visit their local grocery market in Amma Beach, Maine. Melissa has a vision of the one of the employee, Dave with a knife protruding from one eye. Shortly after other customers begin clawing at their eyes and Dave grabs a knife and turns it on himself. Agent Scully vacationing in the area returns to her rented car in the grocery market's parking lot as a old man exits the market, blood trickling down his face and requests the assistance of a doctor. Scully enters the market and provides help to the injured customers. Later she telephones Mulder about the bizarre incident, he mentions that it may be the result of witchcraft. Scully assists the local Police Chief Jack Bonsaint and his deputy in their investigation. They review video footage from the grocery market's video camera. Scully notes Melissa Turner, the only unaffected customer rushing to the exit. On route to the Turner residence Bonsaint informs Scully that many of the local townsfolk believe Melissa is a witch, how her husband, a local fisherman died in a strange boating accident. And that her daughter Polly was involved in a incident with the local day-care centre worker Jane Froelich, who believes that Melissa and her daughter Polly are descendants of witches. Jane claims she slapped Polly when she became uncontrollable and was thrown to the floor. When Jane is later found dead of self inflicted wounds, it is up to Scully to uncover the truth before more people die.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I was thinking about this case, maybe it's not witchcraft after all. Maybe there's a...maybe there's a scientific explanation."

Scully: "A scientific explanation!!"

5X11 Kill Switch

When computer genius and co-inventor of the Internet, Donald Gelman is killed in the cross fire of a shoot out between a gang of drug dealer and two deputy marshals in a downtown diner. Mulder recovers his lap top computer and an unmarked CDROM, which he takes to the Lone Gunman. But they are unable to crack the disk's security code. Scully suggests they check Gelman's e-mail. They find a message containing an ID number for a shipping container from someone named Invisigoth. Mulder and Scully trace the shipping container but as they attempt to inspect it, Mulder is nailed with a stun gun. Scully manages to apprehend a suspect, Esther Nairn, a young woman who knew Gelman. The shipping container is full of her computer equipment, as they question Esther, her attention is drawn to one of the screens. She tells Mulder and Scully that a Department of Defence satellite is locking on to their location. Despite their scepticism the agents leave the shipping container which is destroyed moments later. Esther claims that Gelman had succeeded in creating a sentinel Artificial Intelligence, a self aware computer program, which he released on to the Internet so that it could evolve. Now the AI is targeting the people who created it and killing them off one by one. Gelman was working on a virus program nicknamed 'Kill Switch' to search out and destroy the AI. Mulder and Scully must find the AI and use the 'Kill Switch' before the AI can kill anyone else.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully to Invisigoth: "Why don't you just call him......Oh right, death from above."

5X12 Bad Blood

Agents Mulder and Scully return to Washington to discuss the events that led to the bizarre death of a teenage boy, Ronnie Stickland in Chaney, Texas during their investigation before they have to report to Assistant Director Skinner to explain why the FBI is being sued for 446 million dollars by the Strickland family. But the two agents recollection of the events differ. Scully recounts how they went to Texas to investigate a series of cattle exsanguinations after a holiday maker, Mr Funt met a similar fate. Scully performed an autopsy on the body that revealed that Mr Funt was drugged and his blood then drained by syringe. After a second victim was found under similar circumstances and a second autopsy. Scully concluded that someone was attempting to emulate vampires as seen in the movies.
Mulder's version is very different, he paints himself in a good light, while Scully is suspicious of his every word. Mulder recounts how they went to Texas to investigate Mr Funt's death and discovered evidence of the involvement of vampires. Which culminated when Ronnie Stickland, a suspected vampire attacked Mulder, who then killed Ronnie with a wooden stake through the chest after chasing him through the woods. With the two agents unable to agree on the events, the situation is further muddled when word is received from the coroner in Texas that Ronnie Stickland is not dead after all.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Well it's obviously not a vampire."

Mulder: "Well why not?"

Scully: "Because they don't exist!"

5X13 Patient X

In Kazakhstan, a young boy Dmitri is witness to a mass murder in the woods. The boy is picked up by Krycek and a group of Russian soldiers who confront Martia Covarrubias who is leading a UN investigation of the incident. Back in the US, Mulder attends a lecture about Patient X, who claims to be an alien abductee. He disagrees with the other delegates, arguing that the 'little green men' stories are a cover up to hide the truth about the government developing biological warfare. After the lecture he is approached by Dr Werber, whose patient Cassandra Spender is Patient X. He takes Mulder to meet with Cassandra, she explains to a doubtful Mulder that aliens are on earth to deliver a message. Marita Covarrubias briefs the Syndicate on the Kazakhstan incident, telling them that it was aimed at them. Krycek calls the Well Manicured Man and offers to trade Dmitri in return for all the Syndicate's information on a vaccine for the Black Oil. Agent Spender, Cassandra's son warns them off the case but Scully meets Cassandra, who has an implant like Scully's in the base of her neck and believes her story. Cassandra tells Scully that some nights she wakes up with a feeling she should be somewhere. After a similar mass murder to the one in Kazakhstan occurs in the US, Scully feels strongly that it has something to do with her own abduction. Later Scully has an attack like Cassandra described and finds herself on a bridge with a crowd of people as a bright light appears overhead. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "What if there is simply just the military seeking to develop an arsenal of weapons against which there is no defense, biological warfare. Which justifies in their eyes making an ass out of the nation with stories of little green men. A conspiracy wrapped in a plot, inside a government agenda."

5X14 The Red and the Black

Mulder arrives at the bridge, which is a scene of carnage, and is directed to a provisional tent where Scully is being treated by medics. Scully has no recollection of what happen on the bridge at all. Agent Spender tells Mulder that his mother Cassandra Spender is missing. Meanwhile Marita Covarrubias has been infected with the Black Oil by Dmitri, the Well Manicured Man believes Krycek has an vaccine against the Black Oil created by the Russians, he offers Krycek freedom in return for the vaccine. When a UFO crash lands at Fort Wiekamp Air Force Base, photos reveal a rebel alien who the Syndicate members recognize as a threat to their colonization plans. After test reveal that the people on the bridge all had implants similar to Scully's, Mulder puts forward the theory that the government developed and implanted the chips as part of their bio-weapons project. But Scully agrees to be hypnotized by Dr Werber and recounts the events on the bridge. How a UFO appeared overhead, then aliens started to kill people on the bridge but were then themselves attacked by a second UFO. Assistant Director Skinner listens to Scully's session tapes, Mulder again suggests it is cover for a secret military operation. But Skinner finds Scully's UFO explanation more plausible. Krycek contacts Mulder with information about the rebel alien and resistance to the alien colonization plan for earth that draws him in to a deadly confrontation with the alien bounty hunter once more. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "What is this?"

Mulder: "It may be a answer. To a question you and I seem to have been destined to ask."

5X15 Travelers

In a flash back to 1990, a sheriff while assisting a landlord in the eviction of a tenant, Edward Skur, discovers a dead body with its internal organs removed. A figure springs from the shadows and the sheriff opens fire, mortally wounding an elderly man. As he lays dying he utters the words, 'Mulder... Mulder'. Special Agent Fox Mulder of the violent crimes division visits a former FBI agent, Arthur Dales about as unsolved case from the 1950's involving Edward Skur as a suspect in a series of killings where the victims had their internal organs removed. Dales is reluctant to talk, until Mulder tells him his name is Mulder, Dales shows recognition of the name. Dales explains how back in the 1952 he and his partner arrested Skur as a suspected communist, that night he received a call from his partner saying that Skur had hung himself in jail. Later Dales went to the Skur residence to break the news to Skur's wife, however when he got there Dales saw Skur walking down the street and gave chase but after a short scuffle Skur escaped. Dales was then approached by Mulder's father Bill, who explained that Skur was not a communist, he worked for the state department. His arrest and faked death was a cover up by the government, who tricked Skur in to having an operation called xenotransplantation, the grafting of a species into a human body. As the case is re-classified as an X-file, Mulder's father tells Dales the government is trying to cover it up, but the truth must come out.

Noteworthy Quote

Arthur Dales: "Oh don't fool yourself. None of us are free to choose, I was ruined for my insubordination. You keep digging through the, the X-files and they'll bury you too!"

5X16 Mind's Eye

When Marty Glenn, a young blind woman has a vision of a killer with a switch blade advancing on another man, she is horrified. Later when police officers arrive at the murder scene, they find Marty hiding in the shower with a bloody sponge in her hand and immediately arrest her. When the police find out that Marty has been blind since birth, they begin to doubt her guilt. Agents Mulder and Scully are called in by Wilmington homicide detective Lloyd Pennock, he has forty-eight hours to prove that Marty possesses some kind of 'sixth sense'. Mulder and Scully question her and soon realise that she knows details from the crime scene that only the killer would know. While Mulder continues his interrogation Scully re-canvases the crime scene and discovers a bloody glove hidden in the bathroom. During the course of his questioning Mulder realises that Marty was a witness to the murder but not in the conventional sense. The bloody glove Scully found has Marty's fingerprints on and fits her exactly. Scully and the local police conclude that she is the murderer. However Mulder is sceptical, Scully offers a possible explanation, that Marty may not be blind, until an eye examinations proves that she is completely blind. When it turns out that Marty's mother was killed while pregnant in the same manner as the current spate of murders. Mulder theorises that is could be the same killer. Mulder believes that Marty is seeing visions in her mind's eye from the killer, but can he prove it?

Noteworthy Quote

Detective Pennock: "You know the thing I find most surprising about this case is you. You are one skeptical guy Agent Mulder!"

5X17 All Souls

The family priest, Father McCue approaches Agent Scully and requests her help after a young retarded girl, Dara Kernof, whom the priest baptised is found dead with her eyes burnt out. Scully interviews her father who claims that he witnessed Dara, who was confined to a wheel chair for all her life, walk out in to the street in the presence of a tall dark figure, whom he describes as the Devil. After a second girl, Paula Koklos dies in similar circumstances, Scully discovers that Dara was adopted at the age of six and that Paula was her twin sister. Mulder on joining his partner's investigation discovers that Dara and Paula were two of quadruplets. Further investigation reveals that another priest Father Gregory was in the process of trying to adopt Paula, but when he is interviewed, Father Gregory claims he was trying to protect Paula from harm, as part of the ongoing battle between good and evil for all souls. Scully performs an autopsy on Paula during which she has a vision of Emily lying on the table in Paula's place. Mulder discovers the identity of the third sister, a homeless girl, but when he tracks her down, he finds Father Gregory there ahead of him, he informs Mulder that the third sister is already dead. Mulder believes that Father Gregory is the murderer but he insists that he is just trying to protect the girl's souls from the Devil. Mulder discovers the identity of the remaining girl, Roberta Dyer and Scully asks Mulder to locate the remaining sister before it is too late.

Noteworthy Quote

Father Gregory: "Unless you accept the truth of god's teachings, that there is a struggle between good and evil for all souls, and that we are loosing that struggle. You are but fools rushing in"

5X18 The Pine Bluff Variant

Agents Mulder and Scully join Assistant Director Skinner and other FBI agents on a joint FBI/CIA undercover operation in Washington park, as they attempt to capture Jacob Haley, a militia group member wanted on terrorism charges. While Scully and Skinner co-ordinate events from the surveillance van, Mulder joins the other agents in apprehending Haley. Shortly thereafter Haley rendezvous with a man in the park and hands him an envelope before fleeing, closely pursued by Mulder. The man given the envelope by Haley collapses, the flesh on his hands and face eaten away. Scully leaps from the van and chases Mulder to warn him, only to discover that Haley has managed to elude Mulder and escape some how. Scully questions Mulder on how Haley managed to get away, but Mulder avoids the issue. In a counter-terrorism meeting held later, Scully reveals that the man whose flesh was eaten away was exposed to some sort of Bioweapon. And Skinner shows them a photograph of August Bremer, a rival of Haley's, there is apparently a struggle for control of the militia group going on between them. Scully, suspicious of Mulder's behaviour, begins tailing him and soon discovers a link between Mulder and Haley. Scully later learns from Skinner that Mulder has infiltrated the militia group in an attempt to discover their plans. However Scully uncovers evidence that it is part of the government's secret Bioweapons program, that someone has sent Mulder up on a suicide mission.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I want people to know the truth."

Leamus: "Well sometimes our job is to protect those people from knowing it!"

5X19 Folie a Deux

Mulder and Scully are called in to Assistant Director Skinner's office and handed the case of a company, VinylRight who received an audio tape from a man threatening violence. Mulder is puzzled as to why they have been given the case, until Skinner informs him that the man on the tape claims that a monster is preying on the company employees. Mulder unhappy at being given the assignment tells Scully he will look in to the case by himself. When Mulder arrives at the VinylRight offices, he is met by the manager Greg Pincus who plays him the audio tape. Mulder is struck by one phrase on the tape, 'hiding in the light'. He contacts Scully for help, asking her to search the X-files for the phrase. Scully finds it in another X-file case, of a Florida deacon who believing one of his parishioners was an evil presence, opened fire on them with an AK-47 one morning. On returning to the VinylRight offices, Mulder finds himself taken hostage by an armed employee, Gary Lambert, who believes his boss Pincus is a monster who is turning the other employees in to zombies. Gary demands a TV camera so that he can expose his boss to everyone. As Mulder looks at Pincus he sees him as a monster too. The SWAT team shoot Gary and the hostages are released. When Mulder accuses Pincus of being a monster, Skinner doubts Mulder's sanity and has him committed. While Scully believes it is a case of Folie a Deux, a shared madness brought on by tension of the hostage situation.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will. You're my one in five billion!"

5X20 The End

A twelve year old boy, Gibson Praise sits opposite a Russian man, engaged in a chess game. As the boy announces 'checkmate' and slides back in his chair a shot rings out, killing the Russian. Meanwhile two masked figures close in on the cabin where the Cigarette Smoking Man is in hiding. One of them reveals himself as Krycek, sent to bring the Cigarette Smoking Man back. Assistant Director Skinner calls in Mulder and Scully to assist agent Spender heading up the case. Mulder puts forward the theory that Gibson was the target of the assassin not the Russian, that he slid back out of harms way because he is clairvoyant, another agent Diana Fowley agrees with him. The Cigarette Smoking Man meets with the Well Manicured Man and identifies Gibson as a threat to them. A threat Mulder realises, believing that the boy could hold the key to the conspiracy against the X-files. Scully visits the Lone Gunman and discovers that Mulder and agent Fowley used to be together. Mulder meanwhile offers the suspected assassin immunity from prosecution in return for co-operation, he reveals that Gibson is genetic proof of a link between man and extra terrestrials. As the Cigarette Smoking Man executes his plan, killing the assassin and kidnapping Gibson to deliver to the Syndicate. Mulder's case seems lost and the very existence of the X-files comes under scrutiny. A cause further damaged by a fire in the X-files basement office that threatens to put an end to the X-files for good. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "This was all strategiesed, every move. I just couldn't see it. It was all the plan!"

Scully: "Mulder, whatever you may believe. This time they may have won!"

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